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The FARN-Site: Who or what is FARN? (see translation below)

The Workshop-Site: from and about Pete Farn (parts translated)   

Discography and Coverphotos; latest releases

           12/2011: CD “Ringmodulator” and

             1/2012: DVD “Alcyone XD2”.

            9/2012: CD, Biospheres, Vol. 1: ”Schwebewald”...

            5/2013: CD, Biospheres, Vol. 2 “Cryptids

            10/2013: CD, Biospheres, Vol. 3 “Metalsphere

            2/2015: CD, “Andere Saiten” *

             9/2015: CD, “Blow My Tears...”  N E W !

Find some soundsamples here

            7/2018: CD “Spin Up”

            11/2018: CD “Artefakt” von Opera’s Space

            12/2019: CD “Albgaenge”





2018/19 I was pretty often travelling through the area of the so called "Schönbuch" and at the border of the hillside of the "Schwäbischen Alb", with its geologically most interesting formations and high settled viewing towers.


In Autum there was a memorably outdoor gig in about 2.700 ft above sealevel at freezing temperatures as well as a nerdlike meeting of synthesizer friends in the town of Tübingen. During that event some videos were taken and music was composed and recorded. ... my music.







SCHWEBEWALD. Review from Dave Law (MusicZeit):

Pete Farn has always been a fascinating Electronic Musician, constantly experimenting with sound and sculpting it into strange and wonderful sonic worlds. ‘Schwebewald- Biospheres Vol 1’ should be liked by fans of traditional ambient but it goes to realms and delves deeper than most such artists explore. The images that came to my mind were those of a tropical rainforest onboard a spaceship out in the deepest darkest coldest regions of space (think of the film ‘Silent Running’- remember that one?). Of course it will mean something different to everyone listening to it.


BLOW MY TEARS. A customers notice to this album: "I think the Peter Schaefer album is the most extraordinary electronic album I've ever heard. Absolutely fascinating. It's almost like a piece by someone like Sir Harrison Birtwistle" (J.M., New Zealand)


News, information, projects, links




The FARN-project


was founded in the beginning of the Eighties in order to present electronic-experimental music live on stage and on record. This project is still continued by Pete Farn and is complemented with studio-work and composing Soundtracks.


In the Eighties it was pioneer-work to present this kind of music as there was no existing „electronic-scene“ in South-Germany. And even today Pete Farn is working consequently on his coloured and odd soundscapes. No matter whether in studio or live on stage:

Pete Farn is soundexperiment, is soundarchitecture.



Infinite Worlds,


thats what music is to Pete; also an invitation and playground for experiments, using also non-synthetic instruments like Chapman-Stick, E-Bass, Hydromachine, Cello, Udu, Cymbal etc.



Lichtdruck + Ringmodulator


For "Lichtdruck" (pressure of light) not only classic Synthesizer-Equipment was used but also Cello, Cymbal, Voice and Violin; add some "bended" nature sounds. But it is still electronic music whereby soundbending and digital sound-processing stays in the very foreground.

Distribution at SynGate-Records


How does an organic Ringmodulator look like? (See Cover!).

How does the CD „Ringmodulator“ sound like? Well, nine titles; each with some help

from my little friends: self-made and commercial Ringmodulators were used.

Distribution at amazon


DVD “Alcyone XD2”

12 Sci-Fi Videos (about 62 minutes playing-time) with own soundtrack.

Electronic Music combined with computeranimated photorealistic landscapes.

Available here


Spin Up

New CD, out 7/2018

Done with only one digital Synthesizer: the C15.

Add some melotron-samples and real flute for „coloring“:

Thats „Spin Up“

Here some extracts.